Age 33
Sex Male
Birthday April 4th
Height 169cm (5'5ft)
Weight 52kg (114lbs)
Eye Color Green
Shoe Size 24.5cm
Occupation En Family Officer
Magic Making Living Dolls
Weapon Cooking Knife
Mask Devil-Made
First Appearance
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 10
Turkey Image Gallery

Turkey is an elite Magic-User and one of the "big brass" of En's organization. Turkey is responsible for the tracking down of various people by creating identical dolls of them using various types of magic.


True to his name, his mask is merely a large turkey covering his entire head. He has never been seen taking it off, shrouding his true appearance in mystery. His attire usually consists of classic cooking attire, including a large pair of oven mitts that appear to be made out of meat with nets over it, a long apron, and some normal clothes underneath.  

Magic Edit

Magic possesses the power to create living dolls that are exact in appearance and personality as living/dead people made out of cooking ingredients (mostly meat, spices, etc) that can seek out their original though they are unable to talk nor use magic.

Specific Ingredients used to make his puppets are:

  • A Jar of Smoke (made while thinking about specific original clone)
  • Barbarie Duck
  • Some pork
  • A fine slice of bacon
  • Calf posterior
  • A glass of cognac
  • A bottle of port
  • Some minced onions
  • A little bit of salt and pepper
  • Kite string

Instructions to make his puppets is to:

  • Mix the onions while adding the cognac, port and a little salt and pepper
  • De-bone the duck, flatten it and garnish it with minced meat and a little bit of salt and pepper
  • Tie the meat with kite string and bake it in a special oven made with magic
  • Pour smoke and melts of calf every 10 minutes while it is baking, let it roast

History Edit

Past Edit

An important member of the En Family yet he choose to live in his private home far from En's Mansion, wishing to live peacefully cultivating and working only in his projects, although he is always happy to see his boss and will do his best to live for his expectations.

Present Edit

The Top Family members (and Ebisu) went to his home hoping to create a doll base in Shin's memories from a fight back in Hole, believing it would help to kill his target.

Turkey introduces himself and his magic abilities to make living puppets. He demonstrates his magic by asking Shin to first ask about a person he knows and to blow his smoke into a little glass container in which Shin thinks about Noi and follows his instructions. Turkey reveal an exact clone puppet of Noi, but before Shin could mutter a real response to it's naked appearance, coincidentally the real Noi's voice is hoarse through the house and Shin immediately demands Turkey to make it disappear.

After a extremely delicious explanation of how he creates his dolls, a pupped made like the man Shin saw was created with ingredients of a Roast Duck. The Family members say goodbye to him and go to their mission with the doll.

Trivia Edit

  • When turkey makes puppets, he makes it smell irresistibly good
  • mostly cares about cultivating, collecting and preserving ingredients
  • wants to once make a doll out of rotten ingredients to see what happens.