Torture Square

Torture Square

Torture Square is the former public torture location for the Hole Militia where they tortured and killed Magic Users.

Appearance Edit

A patch up fence using scraps of wood and metal, spikes and corpses of executed sorcerers decorates the overall look of the Square, the field is irregular and has chasms of water all over it, making it difficult to play if someone is not cautious.

History Edit

When the Militia was wiped out by Shin it was converted into a baseball field, but the old corpses of sorcerers still stand as a reminder. The match between D.r Vaux Worms composed of a motley crew of his friends, monsters, zombies and our protagonist went against the Sharks of the Hole's clinic, its director and Vaux hates each other and this rivalry is disputed once a year in a baseball match, but they never are able to settle a proper score thanks to Kaiman's ruthless way of play, always leaving someone unconscious and suspending the match for a year.

Fujita and Ebisu went to Hole to take revenge on Kaiman and Nikaido for kill Matsumura, and ended up enrolling in the shark's team so Fujita would face Kaiman and kill him for good. Ebisu became the team mascot and him the team's pitcher, to his horror, Prof. Kasukabe stitch back together Matsumura's body and turned him into a 3rd base zombie. He quickly changes his plan and escaped with Ebisu and the remants of his best friend to the sorcerers world, Nikaido broke the clinic director's jaw out of the strength of her throw and the match once again was suspended.

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