The couple are the original adoptive parents of Nikaido, Yakumo and Kawajiri. Debuting as mentioned characters in Chapter 54

Appearance Edit


An old unnamed man and woman using mask the


whole time.

Mom sporting a witch hat with a procedure mask and big shades, and dad an apron with a hokey mask

History Edit

Original Past Edit

They lived with their children in a rural area in The Magic User World, living a modest life without any worries, they seemed to be affectionate and supporting to their kids, and showing pride at Kawajiri for been choose to become a Devil.

Altered Past Edit

Thanks to Nikaido repetitive interference in the past in hopes to change Yakumo's fate (killed accidentally when the young girl went back in time) the couple never met any of their children, Yakumo was dead, and Kawajiri was raised in a orphanage, leaving them completely alone

Changed Present Edit

When Nikaido fully mastered her magic, she went back in time in order to save Yakumo, in a extrange way, with a little help, the baby Yakumo was able to change her own fate by flying directly to the couple, as they where camping near. And thus, they became Yakumo parents, raising her as their only daughter.

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