The Hospital baseball team composed by the doctors, their relatives, some friends and a mutant...oh and a zombie

Founded by Prof. Kasukabe and Vaux as a casual team in order to play against the Heiwa Clinic doctors and their team "The Sharks".

History Edit

Past Edit

Kaiman knocked everyone standing with his brutal way to play, a year prior the story begins, making really hard to finish a game with him, but also making him one of their most valuable assets.

Present Edit

Vaux was depressed (as usual) because the lack of one last member for the annual match against the sharks, making 13 volunteer himself to be part of the team, in order to be close to Nikaido (at the moment he had a crush on her).

Kasukabe brought two more players to the team, Jonson, the giant mutated man-eater cockroach they found in the sewers (Kaiman was against the idea of bring him as the last time they encounter the monster munched a piece of his arm). And "Magic-User" Frankenstein, a zombie made out of severed body parts of a completely nobody sorcerer Kaiman and Nikaido killed a way back.

The day prior the match Suss and his friend Kink came to the hospital to a meeting for the team, as Suss is Vaux younger brother they where already part of the team, and even had a nice friendship with the lizard head.

As usual the match was a complete disaster, mixed between the Heiwa Clinic Doctors cheating by using Ebisu to give adulterated drinks to Kink and Suss in order to dispatch them from the game and Nikaido breaking the jaw of the Clinics director with a single swing, making the game inconclusive once again.

Team Lineup Edit


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