The Gyoza Fairy
The Gyoza Man
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 15cm
Weight 40gr
Shoe Size Doesn’t wear shoes
Occupation Fairy
Weapon Toothpick
First Appearance
Volume Volume 8
Chapter Bonus Curse 8
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The Gyoza Fairy is an invisible sentient Gyoza based humanoid that lives in Nikaido's restaurant, The Hungry Bug. It's a recurring Bonus Curse character, appearing only in side stories.

Appearance Edit

A fatty little weird, yet adorable creature with a Gyoza for a head, its whole body is made of raw gyoza garnish and dough. It is about as big as a beer can.

History Edit

Declaring itself to be a being invisible to humans, the Gyoza Fairy's job is it to make gyozas taste delicious, but also doing other work so the experience of eating gyozas will be at its finest.

Showing a dedicated spirit for everything it does, it is also sporting an angry nature, throwing toothpicks at the clients when they talk too much and leave the gyozas to cool off, an example being 13, as the Fairy calls for divine judgement as a toothpick stabs the unsuspected human in the neck.

Trivia Edit

  • Sleeps on rats for a bed.
  • Is annoyed at Kaiman's constant eating habits.
  • Throws toothpicks at people who annoy it.
  • Sprinkles magic on gyozas to add to the taste.
  • Has the power to see peoples' thoughts.