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The En Family is a powerful group Lead by En that control a large portion of The Magic User world. They reside in En's Mansion.

Members Edit

  • En: The creator and leader of the En family.
  • Shin: Cleaner of the en family and kills people who mess with the En Family.
  • Noi: The partner of Shin and who is also a cleaner of the en family
  • Turkey: Creates puppets with his magic to help the En family find people they're tracking down.
  • Chota: A hardcore fan of En, uses a dispell-type magic, he constantly annoys En to become his partner.
  • Fujita: Errand boy for the Family with low self steem.
  • Matsumura: Fujita's old partner, slaughtered by Kaiman at the beginning of the series.
  • Ebisu: Not a really family member, but nobody cares about her goofing around the mansion.
  • Shou: Original assassin for the Family, thanks to his invisibility-type of magic, nobody seems to know him or even notice his presence, making him really depressed.
  • Nikaido: Forced to become En's partner due her rare Time-type magic, she was mind controlled during that time.
  • Tenjin: The very first member of the Family, one of the slaves freed by En, killed before the beginning of the series.

History Edit

Created by En during his childhood, the first members were slaves from a magic factory which En destroyed releasing them and some followed him for years, the organization slowly took over most of the business in the Magic User Realm, becoming both a business organization and sort of a new world order in the lawless society of sorcerers, making a new hierarchy of power, and En technically the de facto ruler of the magic world (aside of Chidaruma, which is the ruler of all Devils and sorcerers).

They base of operations is The En's Mansion, a huge independent state with a private forest, indoor buildings and the home of the organization members, from the Top elite Magic Users to the low ranking goons.

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