Sex Male
Magic None
Weapon None
First Appearance
Volume Volume 4
Chapter Chapter 20
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Suss is a human from Hole and the brother of Dr. Vaux. He showed up for the baseball match against the Heiwa Clinic Sharks.


A tall man with a sleepy-looking expression, his most remarkable features are his fishing hat and Donegal beard.


Suss did little to see how he actually is, but considering his aspect and how is presented seems to be an easygoing man and quite friendly, in good terms with his brother and a friend to Kaiman, as the lizard head was happy to see him.


Suss came with his friend Kink to prepare everything before the match between the Sharks and The Hospital Worms, he did little in the game thanks to the schemes from the Clinic Director, using a strong soporific drink (gave by Ebisu in a shark costume) to make him and Kink fell asleep in order to win the match by default leaving the Worms without players, nevertheless the match ended suspended once again when Nikaido knocked out the Director with a loose ball.

He appeared once again with Kink when Vaux and Jonson went to the lake of refuse where once stood the Central Department Store, to see for themselves what happened to the building. When Hole came from the now empty lake of refuse, he involuntary vowed to him like all the other humans, and was presented when Chidaruma showed himself in the human world.