Shin's Dad
Sex Male
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Carpenter
Magic None
Weapon None
First Appearance
Volume Volume 4
Chapter Chapter 18
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Shin's father was a Human carpenter residing in Hole along with his son working as ordinary people, his wife was a Magic User killed by the Militia just after Shin was born.

Appearance Edit

Sporting an almost exact body figure and even face as his son would in his adulthood, heavy muscle build, blonde hair and blue eyes.

History Edit

Past Edit

He raised his son alone and was seemly a hardworking man with a lot of caring for Shin, protecting and helping him to escape from the militia, ultimately killed by them and his body used as a bait to lure Shin to a set up.

Present Edit

It its unknown the symbolic behind it but during Shin's possession by the "Sinister Entity" inside the lake of refuse, he saw his father in the same way as the last time, beaten to the pulp in a chair, floating in the roof of room where Shin was, there is no explanations behind this, but it mostly assumed that he is part of the grudge of human souls inside the Central Department Store.

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