Sex Male
Eye Color Blank (burned)
Occupation Cross-Eyes member
Magic Unknown
Weapon None
Mask None
First Appearance
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Chapter 34
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Shimizu was a Magic-User and a member of the Cross-Eyes. He frequently ate at Tanba's Restaurant.

Personality and Appearance: Edit

His face was completely disfigured so no particular features can be described aside of his blank eyes with tattooed Crosses broke and missing teeth, and partially flayed bald head.

Even in his horribly daring situation Shimizu showed a rater cheerful attitude and happiness to see Tanba once again, joyfull to taste for the last time his meatbags.

History Edit

Past Edit

Shimizu was the sole survivor of Curse rage once the creature stormed the old hideout of The Boss, leaving the Cross-Eyes as the only one to warn about the monster to the other members, helping in some way The Boss at the very least.

Present Edit

He was jailed by the Devils for selling a Devil based candy (an outrageous offence to them) and his face was disfigured and burnt when he was captured.

Kaiman and the rest of the Restaurant staff went to Hell's Prison to deliver his final meal, Kaiman didn't lose any time and engulfed Shimizu's head in his jaws, and actually could recognize the person inside the lard's head as Risu, but before Kaiman could ask anything, the Devil executor came and swallowed the Cross-Eyes alive, only leaving his hands behind, chopped by Asu in order to save Kaiman from be swallowed too.