Red Brake
Red Brake-0
Occupation Boxer at Noshinto Gong
First Appearance
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 11
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Red Brake is a boxer revered as the unbeatable boxer from Noshinto Gong. He was being empowered by a magic-user to have a young, muscular body though in reality, he is a frail old man. 


Red Brake has medium length hair covered by a beanie as well as a beard. He is seen wearing a white tank top with suspenders, along with shorts and black sneakers.

History Edit

Brake made a deal with a shady Magic User to empower him with inhuman strenght to beat any person in the ring, and the losers would by sold by the sorcerer to other Magic Users in the backstage, he fought and defeated Nikaido after seriously injure her, Kaiman, looking for her, came to challenge him and the lizard head savagely beaten Brake but the magic in him rendered the boxed invulnerable to Kaiman punches and almost killed him. But just in time Nikaido killed the sorcerer responsible for his strength, turning him back to his old fragile self, Kaiman punched him so hand that he was slammed in a wall and leaved there.

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