Location The Magic User World
First Appearance
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 10

Reaper is a luxurious restaurant located in the magic user world featured in Chapter 10 of Volume 2 .

History Edit

Following a doll made by Turkey in the semblance of Risu in order to find clues about the man inside the lizard head. Noi, Shin, Fujita and Ebisu got in the restaurant thinking the doll was hungry, once there, they asked one of the waiters if he knew that man, which replies than in all his years there he never saw him as a regular customer. This explains that, at least once, Risu had enough money to go in a luxury place like this when he enrolled in the Cross-Eyes.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The place Risu's puppet enters beforehand was named "Grim" which forms 'Grim Reaper' together if you add the restaruant's name together.

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