Age 388
Sex Male
Height 250cm
Weight 460kg
Occupation Devils
Magic Almighty
Weapon None
Mask Devil made (as a Devil, it's his actual face)
First Appearance
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Bonus Curse 6
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Moroku used to be a Magic-User and later became the Devil that helped Syueron create a business in the Magic World. He is a recurring Bonus Curse character, appearing only in side stories.

Personality Edit

Moroku is the only Devil so far without any dialogue, preferring to stay silent and communicate through other means instead. Yet he is able to show some shared traits of his companions, with a playful and morbid sense of humour, and likes to torment sorcerers in Hell by chewing and barfing them up later.

Appearance Edit

A luchador mask with a long trench coat, Moroku shows an average looking Devil body, not warped in any twisted and exotic ways, and has a regular face with small straight horns.

History Edit

Introduced in the Bonus Curse 6 as a slightly odd, but regular customer in Syueron's cafe, he was highly respected by other customers and citizens. Once the place was wrecked by Magic User victims, the Devil approached Syueron with the proposal to start a new business in the Magic User World. Syueron gladly accepted and left with him, leaving the store to Nikaido, who rebuild it into the Hungry Bug.

He would later appear along with Syueron at the end of the Bonus Curse 8 to pay a visit to Nikaido, but because of the rain on that day, the shop was closed, as Nikaido wasn't feeling well. While his human partner felt sad for not being able to see Nikaido, Moroku spotted the Gyoza Fairy in the store.

Due to that, he would once again reappear in Bonus Curse 12 in order to show the fairy to Chidaruma, since it is a fairly unusual thing. Chidaruma quickly lost interest in it, leaving the little guy mauled on the ground.

During the End of the Year party in Hell, Moroku was tormenting Magic Users along with Duston, and later tagged along with Haru, Guragura, Duston and Chidaruma to celebrate the night with a barbecue.

Trivia Edit

  • His ability to see Fairies seems to be a common power among Devils.