Hole's paramilitary group created years ago when humans, tired of be used as guinea pigs by the Magic Users, united against them gruesomely torturing and killing sorcerers without mercy and becoming the protectors of the city.

Because the ancient hate and despise of sorcerers they had no issues of treat them like animals, impaling, burning them alive and having their own place to do it, the Torture Square. Sadistic and barbaric, they killed even humans who simpatized with Magic Users, a fine example was Shin's Dad, beaten to death in his home and subsequently used as a bait to drag his son to an ambush.

The militia was totally whiped out by Shin once he, with the help of Kasukabe and Vaux, discovered his mutilating-type magic, slaughtering everyone one of them in a few days, this had mixed repercutions in the city and its inhabitants. It wasn't until Kaiman and Nikaido started once again the hunt and execution of sorcerers in Hole that people felt secure once again, living the past 10 years prior the events of the series without the will to opose Magic Users anymore, but also, thanks to the increasing number of Victims during that time, The Hospital was founded.

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