Age 20
Sex Male
Birthday December 30
Height 160cm
Weight 55kg (121 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 25cm
Occupation En Family Member
Magic Can raise the temperature of liquid by touch
Weapon Nothing in particular
Mask store-bought
Volume 1
Chapter 1

Matsumura, or "Magic-User" Frankenstein is a key character, was a Magic-User and previous partner to Fujita until he was mercilessly sliced into pieces by Kaiman.


Short stature, big belly and short hair, with a similar mask like Fujita's.

As Magic User Frankenstein he sports a more muscular build. His eyes were removed (possibly to implant some device to remote control him), his arms seemed to have been patched up with ducktape and a big screw sticks out of his head.



Not much is known about Matsumura aside from been terrified at the verge of his death, he seems to deeply care about Fujita, using his last remaining magic to open a Magic Door to let him escape to the sorcerer's realm, also liked hot dogs a lot.


During a practice trip to Hole, he and his partner were ambushed by Kaiman and Nikaido, while Kaiman "interrogates" Matsumura, Nikaido beat up Fujita and crippled his fingers. After Matsumura's slaughter at hands of the Lizard Head, Fujita would be solely moved by the desire to take revenge upon the ones who killed his best friend. His death would be quite remarkable, thanks to it, Fujita saved Ebisu and the En Family got involved with the duo of Hole.
His severed body parts were salvaged by Prof. Kasukabe and stiched back together as a remote controlled baseball zombie for his team against the Sharks. Fujita, during a mission in hole to kill Kaiman, found him, and decied to bring him back to the sorcerers realm to be resurrected by Kikurage, but in the last moment the zombie went berserk and Ebisu turned into a demonic giant raptor and squashed Matsumuras body, and with it, his Devil Tumor, making him impossible to be revived, to his old partner's dismay.

Matsumura appeared in Hell to welcome En once he was throw there after been killed by the Cross-Eyes Boss, acompaining him during his time tormented in the Devil's realm, they were paired with the now deceased Cross-Eyes Top Officers and Natsuki, who attacked En the moment they saw him.


Dream Matsumura

Matsumura would have an important role in a key moment of the story, due unexplained and esoteric and symbolic ways, Fujita was able to retrieve En's Devil tumor from the creature once known as the Cross-Eyes Boss thanks to him, although it can be considered an hallucination and Fujita inexplicably was able to grab the exact Devil Tumor in the pool of countless others and Magic User corpses.


  • pieces of his flesh were later gathered into a necklace for Fujita
  • Likes hot dogs

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