Matsumara was a magic user and the previous official partner to Fujita and his best friend. He was killed in the first chapter of the series and has been a bit of a recurring gag since.


Though taller than Ebisu, he is shorter than Fujita and much more rotund. His mask covers the top half of his face much like Fujita's, but with a rounded nose in place of a tengu nose. He has scraggly, short brown hair and some facial hairs scattered on his face. 


In his first appearance, he along with Fujita had been attacked by Kaiman and Nikaido, resulting in Kaiman shoving his head into his mouth as per the usual with magic users. After he is revealed to have nothing to do with Kaiman's curse, he is swiftly decapitated and sliced into various pieces, instantly killing him. Since then, he has been turned into a zombie, which was then smushed by a lizard-form Ebisu. Due to Kikurage failing to ressurect him, Fujita made a small shrine dedicated to Matsumara in a form of container. He has made a small appearance in Hell as well, alongside En and Shou.


  • According to Fujita, Matsumara's favorite food was hotdogs. This was later proven correct during a flashback where we see Matsumara with his hands full of them.
  • It's a bit of a recurring gag for Fujita to declare his desire to kill Kaiman to honor Matsumara's death. 

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