Taxi Magic Carpet

Like those shown in folklore and fantasy stories, Magic Carpets are a common transportation method in The Magic User World, working as flying taxis, they are one of the few magical transportation methods in the series, along the Magic Brooms, mostly because equal to the Human World, Magic Users tend to use normal vehicles most of the time.

They technically are not "magic" per see, but rather just artifacts empowered with magic smoke, needing it like gasoline to work, they can ran out of smoke and fall from the sky, and depending the size of the carpet, there is a limit in how many people can travel to not overwork the vehicle.

History Edit

The moment Nikaido and Kaiman reach the sorcerers world, a taxi driver ask them if they want a ride, but before they could even reach destination, Kaiman slaughters the driver and the carpet fall to the ground.

Shin, Noi, Kasukabe and Jonson flew in one too in order to reach the Berith Onsen tailing En in his final showdown against Kaiman.

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