One of the few magic related objects in the manga, the brooms are mechanical artifacts powered by Magic Smoke, coming in a wide variety of forms and designs, the regular ones looking more like actual brooms made of junk and the expensive ones like futuristic motorcycles.

History Edit


En used one of the new models in his inventory to track Nikaido once he woke up from his sudden faint [1].

After the death of En and the quest to find his Devil Tumor, Turkey created a doll who sensed the whereabouts of the tumor, and quickly took another broom model and went to find it.


Before they miss the tracks of the doll Shin and Noi took another model and tailed the doppelganger, but because its broom was a brand new model, if was faster than their own.

Kirion used a regular model in order to fly to the sky during the apocalyptic rain in the Magic User World to see the source of the rain.

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