Age 48
Sex Female
Height 245cm.
Weight 340kg.
Occupation Can be assumed as a Real State manager
Magic Unknown
Weapon None
First Appearance
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The Landlady was an Elite Magic-User and the owner of the house that the Cross-Eyes Lieutenants were renting out.

Appearance Edit

A huge woman covered in voodoo and jungle-theme clothes, morbidly fat and sporting dreadlocks.

Personality Edit

In an unexpected way the Landlady was in fact a nice person, caring and forgiving about the 5 months of rent the Cross-Eyes owed her, and romantically interested in Ushishimada.

History Edit

She came to the hideout in order to take the money the Cross-Eyes owed her, but without any left, and at the verge of lose their home, Ushishimada made the ultimate sacrifice, offering himself to the Landlady in exchange of the deeds of the house, (thanks to he evidently love she had for him, the papers where done in minutes).

During the quarrel between Risu and Dokuga the Lady died accidentally at the hands of one of Risu's stakes, the whole scene was a mixture of fear, joy and overall hilarity, while Dokura ran desperate to see if she was ok, Ton and Saji where dancing in utterly hapiness with the deed in their hands, and Ushishimada, not knowing how to feel about everything, was simple annoyed.

The Cross-Eyes later invaded her mansion and staged her death there with a stomach bug. The type of magic she used was unknown.