The Kesber Park is a location in the Magic User Realm, once a place filled with Cross-Eyes Black Powder dealers, near to Restaurant Tanba.


Kaiman started his search alone in the sorcerers world looking for Cross-Eyes in order to find Risu, the only link to his past. There he got information about the Blue Night, a festival soon to start, the lizard head waited for hours but no Cross-Eyes come to the park, with no useful information and no answers, he left the place in order to find a job to live.

Fukuyama and Kaiman rested there when the Magic User could't find a partner once again, they spotted The Black House and how the Devils flew from it, they greeted one of them, none other than Chidaruma himself! The stayed in the park until the last day of the blue night was over.

When Kaiman woke-up in the middle of the night thanks to another nightmare, he went to the Restaurant Tanba's van to think about what was the meaning of the dream. Tanba appeared too and told him that no matter what, he promised to help him to recover his memories.

Trivia Edit

  • It wasn't stablished until much later the correct way to spell the park's name, which is "Kesbeel Park"