Kasukabe's Medical Treatment and Diagnosis

The outside of the building, 15 years ago

The clinic once belonging to Prof. Kasukabe, closed 10 years ago and demolished, the place where Vaux studied medicine with the professor, where Ai Coleman served as the Prof. assistant, where he was hospitalized due the corroding effects of The lake of refuse, and technically the birth place of Kai.

Appearance: Edit

A rather small building surrounded by the typically industrial building of Hole, serving as both Kasukabe's workplace and home, with three floors and a brick structure, way different of the normal concrete architecture of the city.

History Edit

Past Edit

Arround 30 years ago Kasukabe oppened the clinic with his wife Haru and trained Vaux for his medical studies, the place was quite popular thanks to the amount of Magic User victims at the time, but more than a way to help people, the professor opened the place in order to study the effects of magic in living beings, and how it worked. Sadly not much was possible to help the victims, just ease the pain and sometime worse the effects, leaving them to die in horrifying ways.

Ai Coleman became Kasukabe's assistant to learn how to artificially become a Magic User, after a year working there, an incident where he and the professor where salvaging corpses of sorcerers killed by the militia left Ai completely flayed and at the verge of death. With Kasukabe's and Ai research, the professor was able to perfor the highly experimental surgery on him to save the young man life, and preparing the birth of the boy's Evil persona in the process.

Present Edit

During Ai's possession of the reality inside of the Central Department Store a copy of the clinic was made due to Ai's memories of the past, making Kasukabe nostalgic, they, along with Risu, used the cuilding as a shortcut while the spirit of the young man explained to the others about how everything ended in that mess.

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