the overall look of Hell

Is one of the three main dimension presented in the manga, the first creation of Chidaruma, the world of Devils and the final rest for the death Magic Users by default.

Story Edit

Chidaruma, the very first life form of his universe created this dimension in the dawn of time, originally the only inhabitant of it. To cope with his eternal boredom he created a mud-like sub species called Magic User (nothing more than deformed creatures with no feet back then) toying with them for countless of years.


The overall look of the dimension is a barren wasteland devoid of nature or life except for its inhabitants, the dead sorcerers, who will remain there for the rest of their existence tormented for eternity no matter if they deserve it or not, and the Devils, keepers of the realm who maintain the structure of the society and work both in Hell and The Magic User World. The world is filled with mountains resembling horns and a constant rain of death sorcerers. In hell the devils grown into gigantic creatures to torment sorcerers and keep an eye on them, meeting and congregations are strictly forbidden.


The Symbol Coins

A motion picture wrote, produced, directed, and starred by En tells that he was throw to die in this world when he was still a kid, after he was rendered useless by his captors, living for years morphing dead sorcerers into mushrooms to survive until he was found by Chidamura himself and brought back to the sorcerers world, starting his organization and becoming good friends with the devil lord.

Because of his likes of shiny thing, Chidaruma created the concept of currency in hell, using gold coins with symbols representing Hole, the Magic User Word, and Hell which is represented by three big horns, alluding to the main visual of the realm.


During new year's eve Chidaruma received a gift from En (deceased during that time), a rare and extremely good piece of meat, eager to taste it, he decided to throw a party in Hell with some of the main story Devils, GuraGura, in trance while using his dog body in the sorcerers world and Haru, they found Duston and Moroku tormenting sorcerers in gross and silly ways and they all decided to celebrate in the spot.

Thanks to the Magic User genocide at hands of the Cross-Eyes, Hell was even more filled with dead sorcerers, the Devils found interesting that dead by decapitation was the new trending.

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