Sex Male
Weapon None
First Appearance
Volume Volume 10
Chapter Chapter 57
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Fuu is a Magic-User and an old friend of Ebisu. He owns the club the Black Tent. His magic makes things rot away.

Appearance Edit

Muscle build with a skull-looking mask and a shit with a pattern similar to worms crawling over his body, alluding to his rotting-type of Magic

History Edit

One time he helped Ebisu escape Fujita by forcing him into playing a magical game called handshake. Even though Fujita was seemly the winner thanks to the major output of magic, partially disintegrating Fuu's hand, Fujita's whole arm was already rooting away, forcing him to use the heal spry and losing at the end. After the young sorcerer showed one of En's mushrooms, Fuu knew that was a powerful type of magic, leaving Fujita to pursue Ebisu at the end.