Fukuyama Mask
Age 19
Sex Male
Birthday April 7
Height 172cm.
Weight 62kg.
Eye Color Black
Shoe Size 27cm.
Occupation Waiter at Tanba's Restaurant
Magic Can turn anything into a pie.
Weapon Magic Wand
Mask Store Bought
Fukuyama[1] is a Magic-User who is a waiter in Restaurant Tanba who was introduced in Chapter 24 of Volume 5
Fukuyama without Mask

Fukuyama without mask


He wears a simple ski mask and a plain white dress shirt.


Entusiastic, easy going young man who idolizes Tanba, always wanting to help and improve his magic, hard working and loyal, willing to protect everyone from harm, usually wishing his magic be cooler than turn things into pies.


Kaiman saved him from a group of Magic-Users who tried to capture him for the Blue Night to become their partner, thankful for that, Tanba gave Kaiman a job in his restaurant and became Fukuyama's co-worker.

His everyday routine consist in prepare meatbags (the restaurant main dish) working from early morning to late night, cleaning and serving the customers. He accompained Tanba and Kaiman to the Devil's Prison where they gave a last meal to a prisoner called Shimizu, in a way to help Kaiman to meet a Cross-Eyes to understand more of his past.

Fukuyama turned Yaku into a meat pie when he tried to kill Kaiman in the streets, bursting the sorcerer guts from the inside-out and morphing him into a giant pie (ate then by Ebisu, the pie gave her stomachache)

During the contest in En's Mansion between Tanba's Restaurant and a former co-worker called Asuka, Fukuyama was among those who smelled the pies made by Asuka's magic Angel, and fell in love for her when he ate one of her apple pies, the magic was dispelled when her Angel banished and Fukuyama was released from her effects.

When the Cross-Eyes started the genocide of Magic Users, the restaurant was invaded and destroyed by Cross-Eyes, Fukuyama alone turned a large amount of goons into meat pies (Tanba and Kirion were impressed and terrified by Fukuyama's powerful magic), when the Boss was turned into Aikawa once again, he shouted Fukuyama to use his magic, recognizing his voice, he turned Aikawa into a meat pie and the Cross-Eyes (with Saji half turned into a pie) escaped from the restaurant.

During the apocalyptic rain in the Magic User realm, Fukuyama fell sick due the rain effects, trying to go and help Tanba (who went to the outside to look for survivors) was surprised by Asuka, now inside her Angel, all were saved by Kirion who took care of them.


  • Knows his wages will probably never increase
  • wants to be more acknowledged for his efforts in work
  • Wants a great partner
  • Wants to be like Tanba

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