The shop

The Flower Smoke was one of the many business of En ten years prior the events of the series, also the first place where Shin and Noi met and worked together.

History Edit

A ramen shop directly operated by En, Shin stole from it during his time as a mere thief in The Magic User World, Noi confronted him, healed his arms and in gratitude for everything, Shin staved the back of her head with his hammer, promising to make up for what she did for him in the future.

The thief eventually became part of En's cleaners and worked alongside Noi, becoming friend quickly, years passed and afther the confrontation with Baku and Yaku, along with Noi failing the Devil exam, the cleaners became partners and the Shop was wreked in the quarrel. Chota explains the shop went to bankrupt after many people died from mushroom poisoned ramen, talk about that makes En really angry.

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