Age 43
Sex Male
Birthday December 29
Height 183cm (6'0ft)
Weight 86kg (189lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 30cm
Occupation En Family Boss; also works on business enterprises
Magic Transformation Type: Mushrooms
Weapon Nothing in Particular
Mask Devil-Made
First Appearance
Volume 1
Chapter 1
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En (煙) is an elite Magic-User who controls most of the businesses in the Magic-User world.


Typically seen in loosely worn formal attire and wears his long, red hair spiked upwards. He has a large forehead and menacing eyes further defined by his lack of eyebrows. His mask consists solely of a mouthpiece resembling something between a gas mask and the mouth of a skull. Beneath the mask, he is revealed to have a thin mustache with a goatee.


En is cool and confident in everything he does, and often enjoys quiet times drinking tea or tending to his exotic mushroom garden. He's also very full of himself and his capabilities, so whenever he gets into a fight and is punched even once, he loses control of his emotions and goes berserk, turning everything and everyone in the crossfire into mushrooms.

Despite being a pretty big narcissist, he has shown that he truly does care about the members of his family. However, he is especially fond of Kikurage, often worrying about her safety and well being above everyone else.

Regardless thinks or wishes of others, En's actions and desires comes adobe everybody else, even if they mean kill, kidnap or force people to do what he says, leaving aside diplomatic or intents to negotiate.


En possesses a Transform-Type Magic that turns anything it comes into contact with into mushrooms. He exhales from his mouth or his fingers. He is considered one of the strongest magic users in the magic world after causing the death mushroom incident seventeen years before the clash with kaiman, which turned an entire city into mushrooms and made it uninhabitable for decades to come. He is also shown to do some kind of reverse transformation in his first appearance as he turns one of his mushrooms into a box containing information on all magic users. He has proven to be able to shape his mushrooms to a high degree, as shown when he makes Kikurage a mushroom armor. He has been able to track his mushrooms at multiple occasions, and has stated himself "Where one mushroom has grown there can always sprout a new" in the English translation. He proves this fact when triggering the growth of a humanoid mushroom monster out of Nikaido's back, in the spot where one of his other mushrooms were chopped off several hours earlier. In his fight with Aikawa in Zagan city, after confirming that his opponent was indeed immune to magic, he created spores capable of entering others and suddenly sprout without the aid of any smoke. This also proves that En is capable of triggering the growth of his mushrooms remotely.



En without his mask

Past Edit

We learn of En's childhood from his biographic movie that has yet to be published. His earliest memory is waking up in a room surrounded by mushrooms. Quoting the movie "I had probably transformed my parents into mushrooms". He is found by slave traders, and sent to work in a factory. The work conditions are so harsh that the slaves are bound to die young. At some point he is mistaken for dead and thrown out of the factory along with several other corpses, and carried to hell by a devil. He survived in the forests of Hell by sustaining himself with his own mushrooms. Chidaruma eventually noticed the gigantic mushrooms, discovered En and brought him back to the human world. The first thing he did was destroy the factory, freeing all the workers. Quite a few of them followed him, and he ended up being the boss of a rather big group calling themselves The En Family, similar to the Italian mafia. Eventually, he took over most of the magic business world by selling mushrooms and various other such products. (Shin and Noi declared that most of the movie, even if it was accurate in some moments, was an exaggerated made out to make En look cool).

At 12 years old En had already established the foundations of his organization. Even without parents, as he declared, he still had relatives, since it is clear from Noi being his cousin that he has, or used to have uncles. He bossed her to use her healing powers for his own benefit roughly at his late 20s, making Noi hate him, nevertheless she still worked for him as a bouncer for one of his many business, in particular his succesful noodle soup franchise called "Flower Smoke", where En also hired Shin as his cleaner in one if its restaurants. Though it is unclear what became of the "Flower Smoke", En still seems proud of its original success and its most famous dish, the "Chief's Special".

En was really happy when Noi became Shin's partner, becoming officially part of the En family, his restaurant business went to bankrupt after a series of cases of poison mushrooms, talk about this makes En really pissed.

The economy of the whole world is almost completely administrated by En, having multiples business across the world, restaurants, boutiques and night clubs are a few of his many branches, also a wide variety of products related to mushrooms which he makes his subordinates to try, most of them are big failures in the end.

When the Cross-Eyes became a powerful resurgent group which target and killed elite magic users, the En Family was attacked and for over two years many of the founder members were killed by them, En took the matter in his own hands, sending Shin and Noi to the Boss hideout, when he arrived the cleaners were almost dead at the hands of the Boss and En, engulfed with rage and fear for been unable to move thanks to the boss power, he produced a colossal amount of smoke, warping the whole city of Mastema into a uninhabitable wasteland filled with mushrooms, but saving Shin, Noi and himself in the process, but not before looking at a headless corpse walking through the door, this will haunt En for years, knowing his most fearsome rival was still alive somewhere, making him to look after a sorcerer able to use Time-type magic, to finally ensure if he was still alive or not.

Present Edit

Presented at the end of Chapter 1, when Fujita came from Matsumura's funeral, En gave the sorcerer a device in order to find the Magic User responsible for the morphed head of the lizard face from Hole, also telling him to not sulk anymore about Matsumura and find a new partner.

He sent the cleaners Shin and Noi to bring one of the last Black Powder dealers in the city, an old Cross-Eyes, who preffered to die before tell him anything, his head was throw barely alive in Hole, more precisely in front of the Hospital, and Kaiman had to incinerate it. Chapter 2

En waits the cleaners, Fujita, and Ebisu in Reaper a luxury restaurant to talk about the lizard head from Hole and how to deal with him, he presents Aitake and Maitake, twins with the power to morph into any person by using the memories of somebody, transforming into Kaiman and Nikaido to show the cleaners the look of their targets, the twins suddenly tries to kill En, but the attempt is fooled and both are subsequently transformed into Mushrooms. Chapter 5

After a couple day En is tired of look at Ebisu completely disfigured and tells Fujita to let Noi heal her. And then sents the cleaners and the two young sorcerers to Hole to eliminate the lizard head.

Once Shin bring the news about Kaiman's death at his hands, but believing he is still alive somewhere, En proceeds to go to Turkey's House, where the aforementioned sorcerer created a doll based in Shin's vision of "the man inside the lizard head" in order to track him and reveals the mysteries about Kaiman.

En is presented during a gala events and invites (by force) to Shin and Noi to come with ulterior motives, the party is a "corpse party" where the dead bodies of sorcerers are hanging from the roof along with gifts for a mysterious sorceress and her partner, she have the power to bring people back to life using "white smoke" and En wants her as a partner, so Shin adn Noi are sent to kill the lady's current partner, a Black Powder user, once he is dispatched En approach the lady, to find her also as a Black Powder user, a high offence for elite Magic Users, killing her in the spot by turning her whole face into mushrooms. Once the woman is death En finds the true source of the white powder, an estrange creature hid in her dress, the boos takes it to the mansion as he leaves the party. Chapter 12

Next day we see him taking care of the creature in an special room made for it, and naming it Kikurage (a type of mushroom), believing the creature will be a valuable asset for the family, he takes care of it as a pet.

En uses Kikurage's powers to revive the head found by Shin and Noi after use the doll made by Turkey, the man's head is put in a Smoke powered body to be interrogated. They sit and peacefully talk about who the man is, and what relation he had with Kaiman, even bringing a mutilated Cross-Eyes called Miyamoto to persuade the man to talk, but En quickly loses his cool when the man, called Risu, acts like a perfectly idiot and no answers came from him.


En showing how big of a Narcissistic he is

En is informed about the results of the "time-type Magic User" believing a robbery in a smoke paw shop would be related to that, as they saw the result of the last smoke entry and gave positive to time-type magic, making En shocked and exited about the idea of finally know about what happen to The Cross-Eyes Boss years ago.

A Goon comes to inform En about a sudden break into the Mansion, believing his arch nemesis came in order to rescue his minion, En quickly goes to the Magic Door to see what happened, but as soon he knows nobody is with Risu, once again runs to the room, in time to see Nikaido jump trough the window smashing En's face in a failed attempt to abduct Risu.

En looses his cool at the idea of been punched and releases a huge amount of smoke engulfing the whole room and transforming everything in mushrooms, Fujita, Ebisu, Shin are partially transformed, Mr. Miyamoto completely becomes mushrooms and die in the crossfire, Risu escapes thanks to the confusion and because his mechanical body already have En's smoke inside he is immune to his magic. Noi notices him leaving and quickly goes to the room to find a mushroom chaos and hits En's head to stop him before he goes even further. Chapter 17

Another Goon comes to give news about Ebisu's magic, and if its indeed related to the lizard head or not, but before they could see the results, one of the scientist goons breaks Ebisu's smoke flask on Noi's head, triggering an abominating transformation making her a half reptilian behemoth that killed an important amount of goons and almost killed Shin too before be stopped.

Knowing about his cousin heal powers, she would soon reawaken and wreak havoc in the mansion again, to prevent this, and even against his better judgement, he goes with the only one capable to dispel Ebisu's magic from Noi. Chota, the biggest and most disturbing fan of En, locked floors beneath the mansion due his extreme awkwardness and annoying devotion to En, indeed the bird face sorcerer cures Noi with Shin's help and as soon its over En tries to leave the weird sorcerer locked again.

After the whole fiasco related to the intruder was cleared another Goon approached the boss with results of the footage related to The time sorcerer, and to his surprise is the very same woman who tried to abduct Risu, quickly making a voodoo doll and implanting one of his mushrooms inside, knowing she was affected by his magic, and wherever one of his mushrooms grown, another can.

True to his intuition a mushroom grown from the intruder's back and after its destruction En used the creature's remains to open a portal to their world, ending in Nikaido, the woman who punched him in the face, and the unnespected Hole residents with her, were captured and imprisoned.

Trivia Edit

  • Boss of the En family
  • Is cousins with Noi
  • Is partners with Kikurage
  • Is good friends with Chidaruma
  • Ingredients of the "Chief's Special", the "Flower Smoke"'s most successful dish: thin noodles, soy sauce, thick slices of pork meat, and mushrooms; having marinated for three days and three nights in En's personal secret potage