Devil Physiology

Devil Physiology

The Devils are a group of transcended and transformed Magic-Users who have given up their mortal existence in exchange for unlimited power and freedom. They are the dominant species in Hell

History Edit

Created at the dawn of time by Chidaruma, originally morphing Magic Users who helped him, granting them powers similar to his own, they become the dominant species in hell, in charge of keeping the world and infrastructure, also tormenting dead sorcerers and prepare magic users to become Devils during the Devil exam.

Physiology and Traits Edit


Devils dancing just for the hell of it

Devils are completely invulnerable, strong beyond comparison and powerful enough to be revered and feared by magic users. Their bodies are the result of an extreme training called Devil Exam. A select few magic users bearing extraordinary abilities are invited by devils for yearslong training. Trainees wear heavy armor almost all time, doing dangerous tasks to transform their bodies into devils as well as warping their minds: Random violence, overly blunt speech, extreme euphoria, creativity, very carefree, and absolute indifference and disrespect to other individuals.


A Devil corpse

With near-omnipotent magic, they have a playful nature of frequently pulling pranks on other devils, or tormenting magic users for no reason. They also tend to grant wishes to magic users, but only if they are mean spirited, selfish or plain stupid, otherwise the wishers will become victims to the devils' crude sense of dark humor (e.g., swapping a wisher's blood supply with soda).

Thanks to their indestructible bodies, they can eat, drink and do anything. Devils normally consume highly salty and greasy food, a trait that Asu kept even after losing his Devil status. The only way a devil can die is using the most omnipotent weapon: Store´s Kitchen Knife. Consumption of devil flesh accelerates magic users' progression towards devilhood during the Devil Exam.


The unused design of Devil Noi made by Chidaruma

Devils possess a wide variety physical features, but it's implied most resemble the stereotypical devil: Pointy black horns in their heads, a tail with and arrow shape tip, and a satyr overall look. Chidaruma himself choose the designs of some particular Devils later, morphing them for the rest of their existence, sometimes with a silly look, but thanks to their twisted nature they don't mind it.

Devils are revered as deities by the sorcerers, out of respect and fear (i.e., devils are easily annoyed and highly narcissistic). Devil statues and festivals are made in honor of them. However, devils can consider even the silliest things (e.g., selling devil-shaped candy) punishable with disfigurements, imprisonment and death.


They do a lot of jobs in Hell such as rebuilding the bodies of dead sorcerers, operating Hell's prison, and training sorcerers for the Devil Exam.

Known Devils Edit