The main type of weapon used by Kaiman, Aikawa and The Cross-Eyes, coming in a wide variety of forms, they are simple Knives, with no magic properties, yet their users are always extremely skilled in melee combat, making them terrifying weapons during a fight.

History Edit

Kaiman have a collection of them in his home, as shown in Chapter 3, all of them reminiscent to M-16 Bayonet Knives. Always carrying various of them in any situation, almost completely depending on them when he is overpowered in hand to hand combat.

Aikawa used the same type to chop the arms of his old teacher, leaving him fainted in pain. In future chapters we see he still carried them, using one to try to kill himself, in hopes to also kill the sinister entity inside him.

Almost all the Cross-Eyes (with the exception of Tetsujo and Ushishimada) uses knives of many types:

Ton uses trowing knives, sporting an extremely accurate aim as shown in Chapter 52.


Dokuga uses the same set of Bayonet Knives as Kaiman and Aikawa, but also, for a brief moment, The Boss Combat Knives, custom made machete-like blades with shotgun handles. They where entrusted to him by Kai himself before his disappearance, and Dokuga returned them to his rightful owner once he came back.

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