Sin título
Age Unknow
Sex Male
Birthday Unknow
Height 260cm
Weight 545kg.
Eye Color Red
Shoe Size Has hooves, so no shoes
Occupation Devil
Magic Omnipotent [more than almighty]
Weapon Nothing in particular.
Mask None

Chidaruma is the most powerful Devil, omnipotent ruler of Hell and the Magic-Users Realm.


Skeleton head, big long tongue sticking out of his sharp teeth, big eye sockets and curly horns poking out of both sides of his head. Wears a big hoodie. Has wings hanging on his back, heavy muscle build with big arms and chains with metal spikes in his forearms, Over the centuries his size and appearance changed.


Chidaruma is one of the sillier characters in the series, often carrying out ridiculous and frivolous things merely to stifle his boredom. Some examples of his past antics would be dropping bird poop he collected on various magic users, messing around with En and the growth of his mushrooms, and even annoying some of the other devils. He sleeps quite often, regardless of the lack of need to sleep, merely because he likes doing it, going so far as to rip off his horns and tongue just to make himself sleep even more comfortably.  

Regardless his dumb way of act to ease his boredom, Chidaruma is merciless, brutal and prone to violence when he is annoyed in the sightless, stripping Asu from his devilhood for keep secrets from him, and stomping over the dead Magic-Users on Hell just for the hell of it (a normal action that all the Devils do). 

He also is intelligent, focused, entrepreneur, artistic and hardworking beyond anybody else, giving all his time and dedication to make sure something goes in the best way possible, mastering in everything he proposes and infatuating in the most deep way possible even with the silliest things, like deep fried shrimps (this can go from weeks to hundreds of years), until he gets bored of it and trow everything to get engulfed in other topic. 

History Edit

Past Edit

Countless of years ago Chidaruma was the first life form who ever existed in his dimension, with powers beyond comprehension, omniscient and omnipotent, he spent thousands of years alone after creating Hell, to cope with his eternal boredom, he created the Magic Users (nothing more than mud sculpted-like creatures back then, evolving with gradually to a more human-like appearance), messing with them and even turning some of them into Devils when they cooperate with him. Knowing that the souls of death sorcerers would end up in hell anyways, he created the Magic-User Realm to maintain a differentiation between life and death (Due the fact that there's no other place for them to go after they die). He became depressed by the fact that Magic-Users where his creation, and at the end he was just toying with himself.

He found the another dimension, populated by humans at the dawn of mankind, infatuated with life forms not created by him, Chidaruma spent hundreds of years kidnapping humans, bringing them to Hell, experimenting with them, petting them, dancing, singing and even eating them, until he got bored once again and left the human race alone for another hundreds of years.

The next time he visited the dimension, Chidaruma discovered an extraordinary huge mountain of human corpses, killed by Magic Users that found their way to that realm using Magic Doors, back then, they were a lot more feral and brutal and almost annihilate the whole human race. Chidaruma didn't minded that and returned to the human realm once again hundreds of years later to find a lake of refuse where the mountain used to be, due the fact that corpses of people killed by magic didn't decompose in the ground because of the toxins in the sorcerers Smoke, becoming a bottomless hole of hatred and death. Chidaruma got so infatuated by the scene that renamed the dimension Hole, took a lot of photos, painted pictures and wrote poems about it, he knew that deep inside the lake, the spirits of dead humans became an entity moved by the sole purpose of kill every single sorcerer, with that in mind, Chidaruma waited for years to personally meet an avatar of this entity, a life form in the same status as him.

Trivia Edit

  • Chidaruma thinks about a lot of things at the same time
  • He's the closest thing the Dorohedoro universe has to a god.

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