Chapter 83
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Volume Volume 14
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Previous Chapter Chapter 82
Next Chapter Chapter 84
Chapter 83 of Dorohedoro is the Fourth Chapter of Volume 14 titled: Curse 83 "Ground Zero"

Summary Edit

The chapter starts right after the previos left, with Kawajiri and Risu helping Nikaido to get up and process the sudden change of her body. Scared by the idea of become a Devil, Kawajiri reminds Nikaido about the necessary steps to properly become a Devil, and the fact she is still on her underwear, making her go to dress up with a gloomy face.

In the bathroom, Nikaido inspect her body without any apparent change aside her horns, when suddenly an outburst of power rise from inside her, feeling a burning energy that takes control of her mind, she starts to chant while her arms completely torn apart staring with her fingers, leaving her veins, flesh and bones completely exposed, releasing an extremely tick Smoke, engulfing and finally destroying Kawajiri's House, and subsequently and considerably chunk of the city.

The colossal eruption of smoke is heard and witnessed from far away, even making the En Family members to get out of their Hideout, astonished by the dreadful view. The crew from Restaurant Tanba looks at it too, and even The Cross-Eyes are amazed by this.

Far away Haru and the still grown up looking Kasukabe look perplex at the scene, asking if that's actual Magic Smoke, the Devil wife simply left that statement correct as Kai, inside his laboratory on En's Mansion, licks the window in direction to the gigantic column of Smoke, sporting a malicious grin with blank eyes.

Once again in the wrecked remains of his house, Kawajiri helps Risu to stand up as both look at the giant tower of smoke, now retreating to form a big rectangular, mechanical looking box, with Nikaido floating alongside it. She ask Kawajiri to teleport both of them to a specific location, near to a river called Nevilos, leaving Risu in charge of the remains of his old home, Kawaijiri uses his magic to send them to the location.

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