Chapter 81
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Chapter 81 of Dorohedoro is the Second Chapter of Volume 14 titled: Curse 81 "A Demon's Dining Table"

Summary Edit

16 days prior Aikawa's Breakdown

Nikaido is skateboarding across the city buying ingredients for dinner using her Devil Training Armor. In Kawajiri's House, Risu is staring at the window when the former Devil greets him and tells to go downstairs for dinner where Nikaido is cooking.

While everyone etas some Gyozas and deep fried prawns, Nikaido introduces herself as "Aikawa's" friend and recalling how she and Risu first met when she tried to kidnap him from En's Mansion months ago. This leaves the man confused, and so she starts to explain everything from the beginning.

Inside the Cross-Eyes headquarters Dokuga tries to comunicate with Natsuki with no answer, frightned about the idea of what would happened to her, wonders about what to do as The Boss came back and confined himself in the laboratory two days ago.

Back to Kawajiri's House Nikaido tells the whole story about the man called Kaiman, a lizard head magic user victim that tried to find the responsible for his disfigured head, only recalling Risu as the only link with his past, and how the person inside Kaiman's mouth was "Risu" all along. This leaves the Cross-Eyes perplex, recalling when he got resurrected and En pestered him over and over about "the man with the lizard head". Kawajiri theorizes that his magic, Curse, was trapped in some way inside Kaiman and with it, the possible culprit of Risu's death could be finally found.

Nikaido and Kawajiri hides Kaiman and Aikawa relation from Risu until they figure out how to tell him properly, also telling Nikaido that, because her unique type of magic, she needs to release a life time amount of smoke to use her magic. Thinking about what Kawajiri just told her, Nikaido goes and talks to Risu.

They sits on the roof and Risu ask her what kind of man is Aikawa, only able to remember Kaiman's personality, she just says he likes to eat a lot and its quite violent, but that does not answer his question, still not knowing virtually anything meaningful about him. Nikaido knows Aikawa, ans subsequently Kaiman, deeply cared about Risu, but still, she can't understand why he killed him.

Back in the Cross-Eyes headquarters, Dokuga is ready to enter in The Boss laboratory for some answers

Characters Edit

Trivia: Edit

  • The remains of Rumormonger Alice are used in this chapter as ingredients for Nikaido, Kawajiri and Risu's dinner, staked and cut like shawarma.

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