Chapter 71
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Chapter 71 of Dorohedoro is the Fourth Chapter of Volume 12 titled: Curse 71 "Room 501"

Summary Edit

We are introduced with a look of En's head, filled with wires and tubes, a hole in its skull, and his Devil Tumor removed. A phone starts to ring and The Boss answers the call.

Elsewhere in Berith we see The Cross-Eyes gang, as Dokuga calls The Boss, and to everyone surprise, he actually answers the call! The exited bunch of Cross-Eyes tries to talk to him, but no answers comes from it. Rejoiced by the idea of finally meet their leader once again, they still goes to the old apartment where the Cross-Eyes leader used to live.

They go trough a special district where elite Magic Users, sorcerers who does not need Black Powder pick up fights with the Cross-Eyes in daily basis, putting them at the same level as Humans from Hole. In that moment a barrage of magic smoke engulfed Natsuki from behind, leaving just her clothes as Ton, clueless of what just happened tried o figure out what happened to her, only to find she didn't disappeared, but shrunk.

A group of elite sorcerers, fat bird-masked guys with the same attire, eating fried chicken with an evil grin in their faces mocked the officers and, to their extremely bad luck, bad mouthed about their Boss, Ushishimada suggested to play with these guys for a bit, which Dokuga gladly accepted.

Elsewhere near to the officers location, Shin and Noi follows En's Doll to a building roof, believing the head of their boss is there, Noi is exited about the idea of finally settle the score between them and the Cross-Eyes Boss, but Shin is concern, believing they are watched, nonetheless he dismiss this and hurries to see where the doll is going.

Natsuki goes back to normal as she see how brutal the officers are, slaughtering every single sorcerer in sight as the girl remembers what Maki said to her long ago, about the officers, the most dangerous and finest men of The Boss, but before she could say anything, Ushishimada hurried her up to put her clothes back and go or they would left her behind.

The gang finally reach the apartment building, and goes to the Room 501, the chapter ends as they try to get inside, but in that precise moment, the cleaners comes too, the two bands are eager for a fight.

Characters Edit

Trivia: Edit

  • Its revealed in this Chapter that the place which Kaiman was dreaming in Chapter 33 was in fact the bathroom of the apartment, where years ago The Boss left Risu's corpse once he severed its head.

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