Chapter 68
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Volume Volume 12
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Chapter 68 of Dorohedoro is the First and Chapter of Volume 12 titled: Curse 68 "Chaos Shock"

Summary Edit

En died, brutally as it is, the chapter starts:

Fujita introduces us to the current situation, about the repercussions of En's Magic rooting away from the Magic User World started, and soon everyone knew about his death, the Mansion lost the gardens that En cultivated trough the years, and Mastema got rid of the mushrooms that infested the underground city.

The young man went to a catatonic state, sick in bed for 2 days, unable to move or think straight thanks to traumatizing sight of En's head been pulled by The Cross-Eyes Boss trough the ceiling.

Two days passed, many Goons deserted and others around the mansion stopped working, barely doing anything out of despair and sadness over their boss death, even Shin tried to locate the killer but in the vast estate and the general turmoil he lost track of him. People believe the Cross-Eyes where behind the incident, but they found difficult to believe someone could sneak into the manor that easily, the mansion became silent as a tomb, Kikurage was missing, along with Chota and Nikaido, Ebisu tried to find her friend to no avail (still laughing tho).

Elsewhere we see Kasukabe along with Jonson, walking around the mansion thanks to the thin security left after En's death, are found by Haru, is her Magic User form, shocking the professor.

In his room Shin is hearing the news related to how the sorcerer world fell into chaos thanks to the lack of a leader and law enforcer like En. Noi comes to the room with some fried chicken and sits with him, telling how much she hated En since she was a child, thanks to his abusive and overbearing way to treat and user her just for her magic, but yet she knows nothing will work without him, prompting her partner to fire up and both decides to bring En's head back, but not before Noi fell asleep in Shin bed, just in time a Goon appeared and spotted the two, misreading the whole situation to Shin's embarrassment. The Goon presented Turkey, who decided to go back to the mansion in order to help in any way he could in hopes to bring his boss back.

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Trivia Edit

  • Chapter68CoverB

    Alternate Chapter 68 Cover

    This Chapter is unique among all the prior and current chapters of the series thanks to the fact it have two Covers, the one used in this page is the regular size used at the beginning of the story, yet another two page cover is used next:

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