Chapter 57
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Volume Volume 10
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Chapter 57 of Dorohedoro is the Second Chapter of Volume 10 titled: Curse 57 "Good Company is the Best Shortcut"

Summary Edit

We see Ebisu leaving the Mansion and waiting the train as she introduces herself to the audience, explaining how she lost her true self after Kaiman attacked her, but now with her memory back, she is ready to go back to her home and parents, one last annoyance is behind her, Fujita, worried about her and trying to talk about why is she leaving, thanks to her aphatetic nature she simply avoids him and even tries to get rid of him in the train.

As the annoyed sorcerer tries to talk to her, she knows the kind of clothes she is wearing are not propper for a young lady like her, so once again after a failed attempt to get rid of Fujita she goest to the bathroom and tries to see what kinds of clothes she have, none of them are more than ridiculous and highly revealing outfits, but as she sees them, all the happy and weird memories she had with them surfaces once again, yet its not enough to make her reconsider and continues her travel.

In order to get rid of Fujita once and for all she goes to one of his old friends during her time as a smoke dealer. She enters in the Black Tent, a bar near her House where Shinta, a worker escort her to Fuu, the owner of the bar and a long time friend of her.

He helped Ebisu escape Fujita by forcing him into playing a magical game called handshake. Even though Fujita was seemly the winner thanks to the major output of magic, partially disintegrating Fuu's hand, Fujita's whole arm was already rooting away, forcing him to use the heal spry and losing at the end. After the young sorcerer showed one of En's mushrooms, Fuu knew that was a powerful type of magic, leaving Fujita to pursue Ebisu at the end.

Once the little magic user reached her home, she was horrorized by the person who answered the door, herself.

Back to the Berith Onsen Kaiman, is unable to sleep and tired of counting gyozas, walked in the night wondering if he actually was a Magic User, and even attempting to use some Black Powder Natsuki gave him when they met.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is Fuu and Shinta's first and last appearance.
  • This is Doppelganger Ebisu debut chapter

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