Chapter 53
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Volume Volume 9
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Chapter 53 of Dorohedoro is the Fourth Chapter of Volume 9 titled: "Cute Butchery ❤"

Summary Edit

The story starts in Hell, in an unnamed store near the entrance of the realm to be precise, a Devil and a Magic User training for the Devil Exam are inside the store, a butchery with apparently no shopkeeper, the Deil explains to him that the shadow in front of them is in fact the keeper, but just Devils are able to see him. After reciebing some meat, the sorcerer ask what kind of meat is that, as his Devil companion chuckles simply saying is "A meat from a certain creature".

We cut to a torture chamber where Chidaruma hooked Asu to the roof, hanging from chains piercing his body, prepared to be demoted from his devilhood, as a giant monstruos looking creature, bigger even than Chidaruma, appears ready to mutilate Asu. The devil lord unscrew Asu's horn, leaving his head completely hollow, and the creature proceeds to chop piece by piece the Devil's body like a pig in a butchery, leaving a fragile and little flayed Magic User where Asu once was. Chiraruma mocks the Magic User, now known once again as Kawajiri, as the creature leaves the place with the butchered Devil parts, Kawajiri knows that with his Devil powers gone, the spell he used on Chota will banish anytime soon, but is too weak to even move, just lamenting to not be able to help Nikaido for what its coming.

Elsewhere in The Magic Users World, Kaiman, Nikaido and Natsuki are sit in the streets of the East Zagan part of the Town, where they buy some food from a street food ambulant seller.

Some En goons doing errands found the group and mistakes Nikaido as an "Impersonator" and engages them in a fight, as the aforementioned easily takes most of them with Natsuki's help, Kaiman is unable to move, simply staring at his knife trembling. Once the fight is over, the lizard head explains how he was ready to attack, all of them... Even Nikaido, making him fear what he could d to her too. As the group continues their travel, we see once again the creature from the store, happily singing with a butcher apron selling Asu's body parts as new meat.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Asu is demoted from his Devilhood in this chapter
  • Store is Introduced
  • En goons are serious idiots, i mean, why try to assault somebody just because they look? well we saw some action thanks to that.
  • Magic medical band aids enables you to eat with them over your mouth!

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