Going Round And Round! Memories return...
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Volume Volume 9
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Previous Chapter Chapter 49
Next Chapter Chapter 51
Chapter 50 of Dorohedoro is the First Chapter of Volume 9 titled: "Going Round And Round! Memories return..."

Summary: Edit

It starts with Kaiman having a bleeding headache at Zagan's school, Nikaido and Natsuki quickly go after him worried. Kaiman states that this is something him and just hi can do, and tells Nikaido an Natsuki to stay out of this. Nikaido suspects about he recovering his memory.

Kaiman walks inside the abandonedschool and starts feel unease, he catches a glimpse of an hallucination of Aikawa carrying a bodybag. Kaiman quickly assures himself that he must be hallucinating, there's no way that it was something real.

In the cafeteria, he wonders whether he was a student, a teacher or even a janitor. He feels disgusted at the fact that there's the possibility that he was a Magic User, Kaiman ponders about using black powder, and thinks about what Natsuki told him about his knife abilities, also, quickly remembers Risu.

Going through the classrooms, he enters in one and glances over the names in the plaques to no avail. He later finds the student records in which there's information about Risu. The chapter then goes back to Natsuki and Nikaido eating some noodle soup, the former wonders what is Kaiman doing in such a place. The latter inquires Natsuki about Risu, she quickly asks if she's talking about a Squirrel (Risu, lit. Squirrel). Nikaido then comes to the conclusion that due the fact that Natsuki and Risu have crosses tattooed in their eyes, then Kaiman must be one of them.

Kaiman then begins to having a lucid dream in which he remembers a conversation with Risu, and about disposing a body. He's startled that Risu comes back as a vengeful spirit and haunst him. The chapter ends with Kaiman screaming and realizing that Risu's curse has been inside him all along.

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