Chapter 17
Volume volume 3
Pages 24
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 14
Bonus Curse Bonus Curse 3
Next Chapter Chapter 18

Chapter 17 of dorohedoro is the 5th chapter of Volume 3 titled, "Seventeenth Curse: Ripe Mushrooms En Masse.

Summary Edit

Just where the previous chapter left, Kaiman prepared the soup, sausages and some beer for dinner while he is waiting for Nikaido to come back, quickly loosing his cool and yelling where his friend is.

Nikaido keeps her fight against Noi in En's Mansion, quickly loosing the upper hand in the situation while Noi keep her assault, Nikaido knows she is done if this goes further and slices oper one of Noi's eyes to distract her enough to escape.

Shin, Fujita and Ebisu follows En who finds Asu's Magic Door and realizes a Devil helped the intruder to infiltrate in the mansion (thanks to the trident mark in the door) and while beating everyone in sight the intruder asked "Where is Risu", En became agitated, believing the person was no other than his nemesis, The Cross-Eyes Boss and quickly goes to the room where the just resurrected Cross-Eyes is. In the room, Risu talked with the severed parts of Mr. Miyamoto asking "Who killed me".

Nikaido evade En goons while looking for Risu, and found him in the same floor but different building as she is, quickly jumping trough the window in a attempt to kidnap the Cross-Eyes. At the same time En appears rushing through the door asking if he is alright, Risu is sit next to Miyamoto in the exact moment when Nikaido breaks the window and starts a quarrel sucker punching En in the face.

Shin is about to retaliate but En looses his cool at the idea of been punched and releases a huge amount of smoke engulfing the whole room and transforming everything in mushrooms, Fujita, Ebisu, Shin are partially transformed, Mr. Miyamoto completely becomes mushrooms and die in the crossfire, Risu escapes thanks to the confusion and because his mechanical body already have En's smoke inside he is immune to his magic. Noi notices him leaving and quickly goes to the room to find a mushroom chaos and hits En's head to stop him before he goes even further.

Nikaido goes to the house and collapses in the hall with a huge mushroom coming out of her back, Kaiman tries to cut it with one of his knifes as Nikaido request. In the mansion Noi starts to heal Shin, using a big amount of smoke to reverse the effects of En's magic, giving her smoke to Shin directly mouth to mouth, En wakes up and quickly ask where Kikurage is (the magic creature was in En's arms the whole time) thankfull for not transform her into a mushroom too, the chapter ends with Fujita telling Ebisu to be brave while both becomes mushrooms.


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