Chapter 153
Chapter 153
Title Curse 153 - Hole-Kun's Counting Song
Chapter Information
Volume volume 22
Pages 30
Release Date April 29 2017
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 152
Next Chapter Chapter 154
Chapter 153 of Dorohedoro is the 6th chapter of Volume 22 titled, "Curse 153 - Hole-Kun's Counting Song"

Chapter Cover Edit

The chapter cover appears to be a quick profile of all of the devils excluding Chidaruma

Summary Edit

Kirion still above the black clouds and ill-looking people vomiting black smoke to create hole rain finds a black sphere that emerges beyond the clouds to reveal a magic user who sought refuge from the rain but is immediately attacked by the creatures in the sky which force him to create another spherical barrier around himself while he plummets back under the clouds being swarmed by he monsters.

After watching the incident, Kirion realizes that she's only immune the rain because of the fact she's human which could also be the reason why the creatures don't attack her while in her epiphany notices that the people floating back in forth through the big magic user door get their smoke from within.

Back at House, the devils--still in immense pain--from being stripped of their devil body still lie toppled over each other and too at pain to get away from Kasukabe who is still a zombie command Kaiman passing by to get rid of kasukabe in exchange for recovering his original face. Kaiman instantly leaps to help them in anticipation and while holding kasukabe back up from the floor, kasukabe sinks his teeth omitting a black ooze into his arm however the deep wound in his arm absorbs and heals immediately.

While asu advises kaiman not to listen to the devils for their cunning ways, Nikaido recieves that hole-kun is approaching and tries to leave the house with the intensity to finish him off with Store's kitchen knife. Before she could leave, kaiman grabs her by the arm and tries to stop her however the early devil trait of acting condescending comes into play and she holds him by the chin and assures him that when she returns she'll make him gyoza.

Hole-kun floats inexorably to house while ignoring nikaido however she defends it intensely by kicking him place to place while hole-kun strangely counts down to itself while making angry remarks of the annoyances of magic users and tries to attack nikaido with it's giant black utensils which are instantly broken apart in contact with Store's kitchen knife.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Kirion
  • Nikaido
  • Hole-kun

Minor Characters Edit

  • Kaiman
  • Asu
  • Tanba
  • Asuka
  • Fukuyama
  • Chidaruma

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