Chapter 152
Chapter 152
Title Curse 152 - Future Forecast: Heavy Rain
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 22
Pages 31
Release Date March 20th 2017
Chapter Guide
First Chapter chapter 1
Previous Chapter chapter 151
Next Chapter chapter 153

Chapter 152 of Dorohedoro is titled is the 5th chapter of Voliume 22 titled, "Curse 152 - Future Forecast: Heavy Rain"

Chapter Cover Edit

The chapter cover appears to be of nikaido in pre-devil mode holding plates of gyoza with her devil body unwrapped around herself holding gyoza separately in each hand with chop sticks.

Summary Edit

The story begins with Kaiman, Asu & Nikaido talking about their crisis about living in another version of the present because of a nikaido that used her magic and how at some point her future self with come bearing her magic box.

In the meantime, En's men try to fight back Hole-kun who creates a cloud from the spike's on it's head which forms across the entire interior of the hospital spouting rain. Before Vaux, 13 & Jonson can enter the hospital they notice the rain cloud and decide to sleep inside Vaux's car until it stops. The morning soon comes and Vaux and the others find en's men's corpses withered down by the rain as they tried to escape the hospital. Hole-kun stands quietly atop the hospital while using it's eyes to somehow travel through the city eventually finding the location of Kaiman and the others inside house.

While Asu chews on some breakfast House made, he & nikaido evaluate about how since her future self is going to use another charge from her magic, one charge to resurrect kaiman when haru killed him and how she can only use one more charge.

Nikaido solemnly tells kaiman about how she wonders if she's ever existed from her magic she used when she was a child, if she's even really here right now. Kaiman simply puts that some things are confusing and out of control but assure her she is definitely here right now. Nikaido apologizes for before and contemplates how Kaiman's face is still of a lizards meaning that ebisu and the en family must be still alive.

Deep within Hole-kun, the en family, risu and tetsujo is indeed still alive on account of En using his smoke to create a gaint mushroom body to protect everyone for over a day now. Noi along with en has been spewing smoke to constantly replenish his energy but she finally gives up and En's mouth begins to rip on the ends.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Minor Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The rain from Hole-Kun's clouds irritates Chidaruma's skin making his skin swell up
  • House is apparently ethical and some how able-bodied enough despite not having arms to make breakfast in the morning for others.

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