Chapter 151
Chapter 151
Title Curse 151 - Extra Dimensional Dream
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 22
Release Date February 9th 2017
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 150
Next Chapter Chapter 152
Chapter 151 of Dorohedoro is the 4th chapter of Volume 22 titled, "Curse 151 - Extra Dimensional Dream"

Chapter Cover Edit

the chapter cover appears to be of kaiman and nikaido building replacing a devil snowman head with a gyoza snowman head outside an igloo out in the snow.

Summary Edit

The story continues with kaiman refusing to give nikaido the store knife which leads forces her to go up behind him and throw him up against the ceiling making him let go of the store knife. As nikaido holds his semi-unconcious body and the store knife she realizes the copy of herself she saw earlier brought kaiman from the future and how she should protect him. In the meantime, vaux, 13 and jonson make it to the hospital to find hole chasing one of en's grunt's who warns the rest of the en's men late.

The scene transitions back to the house where nikaido reflects how her magic works and how the duplicate they saw of nikaido most definitely resurrected kaiman and how they now live in a changed timeline that the future nikaido tried to resolve.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Minors Characters Edit

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