Chapter 15
Chapter 15
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Volume volume 3
Pages 24
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First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 14
Next Chapter Chapter 16
Chapter 15 of dorohedoro is the 4th chapter of Volume 3 titled, "Fifteenth Curse: The Secret story of the fire toilet"

Summary Edit

The story begins with the severed head the en family found gaining consciousness shortly after being resurrected by Kikurage and everyone gathering around it in curiousity. One of En's men informs En of the discovery of a hideout and tells the rest of the en family to go there.

Meanwhile Nikaido and kaiman throw their magic carpet driver's corpse into a dumpster then make a pitstop at a nearby restaurant. As they make their way inside, their waiter's first words question them thoroughly if they want to use their toilet which is connected to hell. Nikaido shortly leaves kaiman to go check around the restaurant for information when shes approached by a demon who brings her a piece of paper; in the meantime Kaiman immediately needs to use the bathroom and accidentally passes out on the bathroom floor while being flood with faded memories as the severed head back with the en family starts mumbling things in which En watches intently to hear him tell him his name being, Risu. Instantly after Kaiman wakes up to the toilet spitting out huge amounts of fire which he reads on the wall how the toilet's flushing system consists of removing dirt by burning it from hell.

Kaiman goes back to Nikaido in which they find a man with crosses on his eyes just like him so they follow him into a big vine strangled building before losing track on him. Upon the same moment on another side of the building, Shin, noi, fujita and ebisu show up and ask to see their boss. An elite members guesses quickly that they seek to murder their boss so they try to kill them in which Shin and noi kill all of them then leave. Kaiman and Nikaido finally go inside the building to find the bodies

Characters Edit


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