Chapter 144
Chapter 144
Title Curse 144 - Expansion Limit
Chapter Information
Volume volume 21
Pages 24
Release Date June 8th 2016
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 143
Next Chapter Chapter 145
Chapter 144 of Dorohedoro is the 7th chapter of volume 21 titled, "Curse 144 - Expansion Limit"

Chapter Cover Edit

The chaper cover appears to be of the crosseyes along with their boss enjoying eating lots of fancy food together as fish-masked waiters bring them more food.

Summary Edit

The story begins with a flashback at Salamanzar Field where Dokuga follows his boss Kai after he killed Risu. Dokuga questions him in curiosity on why he killed him but he dodges the question and tells him to leave in which he obeys and goes back to the crosseyes hq at Kai's house and lounges with the others. Dokuga soon answers a phonecall from their boss who warns them not to stay here for Risu's curse still lives and the spirit instantly killed the almost everyone.

time skips forward a little more in this flashback to a week further where Kai and Dokuga stand before a magic user door to hole. Dokuga informs him about the mass murder that took place in one of their hideouts where they stored black powder and killed every gaurd except for Shimada whom both of them have not been acquainted to yet. Dokuga asks kai if the ghost was risu's curse magic but once again kai does not answer his questions and instead hands him Risu's head in a bag to hide somewhere for him so he can come back to it later. For the first time, Kai displayed little care for his companions by placing his hand on Dokuga's head and insists he doesn't attack Risu's curse because it reacts to killing intent. As soon as Kai stepped through the door, Risu's curse followed quickly and passes through the keyhole of the door. Dokuga later rents an apartment to hide the head of risu and isolate himself from everyone and the world until the boss came back.

Dokuga finally awakens in the present to find out everyone in the crosseyes was murdered except for Tetsujo by their own boss. Everyone cheers for En as Kai's body deforms into a bloated mess swelling rampantly with mushrooms. The mushrooms inside him soon weighed down so much of his body that the tubes from his body fell came apart. En makes the mushrooms multiply even more to choke the life out of him.

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