Chapter 142
Chapter 142
Title Curse 142 - Extreme Mushroom Critical
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 21
Pages 24
Release Date April 8th 2016
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 141
Next Chapter Chapter 143

Chapter 142 of Dorohedoro is the fifth chapter of Volume 21 titled, "Curse 142 - Extreme Mushroom Critical"

Chapter Cover Edit

The cover appears to be of En in a mushroom suit forming mushrooms from Dokuga, Ebisu and Nikaido's bodies and everywhere else.

Summary Edit

The chapter branches off with the mushroom formed from egis's head tearing from both sides whilst growing multiple mushrooms between the wounds which also leads to the tips of Ebisu's index fingers and sprout two more tiny ens. The Mushroom en from Ebisu's head finally rips off and divides into two separate mushroom ens. The other Ens from Ebisu's fingers quickly form into her hands and grows in size rapidly. Soon two mushrooms grow from Dokuga's face dropping two more ends that grow as fast as ebisu's hands. As En creates more and more Mushroom ens, Noi in the meantimes takes Nikaido's mushroom and reverts her back to her original form; upon reversion Nikaido turns into a devil from her devil training.

The scene transitions back to Shin and En's original body who soon fall down from the giant black lake into a giant dish then the scene again goes back to the mushroom Ens who begin to attack Kai but are quickly ripped apart by his twirling of wires; however with each cut and slice more mushroom Ens form from the remains. Kai emits a bone rattling screech that causes affliction to everyone except En because his real body isn't present and shortly creates spore like gases into the air that develops mushroom suits all over everyones bodies to protect them. In that air he also left explosive spores inside Kai's body causing his body to expand violently and throw up mushrooms.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Minor Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first chapter cover to be colored
  • Despite being the fifth chapter in Volume 21, this is the first chapter regardless not being the first chapter to have the first couple of pages coloured.

Gallery Edit

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