Chapter 141
Chapter 141
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 21
Release Date March 12th 2016
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First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 140
Next Chapter Chapter 142

Chapter 141 of Dorohedoro is the fourth chapter of Volume 21 titled, "Curse 141 - Sacrificial Wish"

Chapter Cover Edit

it appears to be a closeup of someone's hand with the heads kaiman and his other personas on each finger.

Summary Edit

The chapter begins with Ai's explaining everything that is happening, he leads them into the upside down room in which those corpses resided behind the window they watched them from earlier; Ai explains how the reason why they stare at them is because they despise magic users. Ai also explains why everything down here is rotated upside down so this monster can't follow their footsteps. Ai leads them on further through the room into a rundown home that he once lived in as a child, within a big torn mattress in the center of the room he reveals these jars he finds cherishing filled of magic user remains and a passage. The area around them morphs from time to time as Ai tells his entire lifestory from the beginning of his dive into the lake of refuse to save a magic user; allegedly ai explains how something entered his body as he drowned within the void. Ai truly believed after his surgery he had finally became a magic user as he desired and left to live as one and found a couple magic users that travelled to hole to practice their magic and Ai asked if he could go through their magic user world to live amongst the people he found equal to himself but the magic users were disgusted by his unability to produce smoke and murdered him. Apparently the thing that lurked inside of Ai knew this would happen to itself for it was an amalgamation of the hatred and death of the humans slaughtered by magic users that formed within the lake of refuse. The monster's true purpose is to use his body to kill every single magic user.

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