Chapter 140
Chapter 140
Title Devil Gambling
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 21
Pages 23
Release Date January 4th 2016
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 139
Next Chapter Chapter 141

Chapter 140 of Dorohedoro is the third chapter of Volume 21 titled, "Curse 140 - Devil Gambling"

Chapter Cover Edit

The chapter cover appears to be a page filled of Mushroom Ens and a Kikurage hidden within the bunch.

Summary Edit

The story begins with Turkey dreaming about being back home in his private forest with his fresh mushrooms in which their strange scent awakens him to see En who takes full body form as a mushroom man. In the meantime, the devils admit to Asu how they all gambled that the magic users will win against Kai, and Chidaruma bets on Kai; If the other devils lose they will lose their devil powers and be turned back into magic users. The room that they stand in begins to grumble, in which Chidaruma insists they all leave, before Chidaruma leaves he stabs Asu's eyes out with his fingers and Duston chops his hands off then chidaruma places his eyes back into his eyeholes and lastly pushes him out of a magic user door because he claims Asu is just another pawn in the gamble.

The scene transitions back to Shin and En's real body, as the black liquid begins to flow some more Shin decides me must get himself and En back to the rest of the magic users but the liquid starts to flood fast. Haru happens to pass the two while mixing her music in which Shin begins to beg for her to help them out of the black, Haru being non-understanding; 'helps' the two to her assumption by using her devil powers to give them new clothes. While Shin and En start to drown, Haru makes her way to house that floats in the air.

The scene transitions again back to the magic users that see Asu fall from the air and hit the ground which surprises them dearly. Kai tries to attack En with one of his tubes but he deflects with his smoke that he tries to use to turn kai into a mushroom in which nikaido speaks to him in his mind about how its useless. En turns her into a mushroom and hands her to Noi to turn her back to her original form as Fujita, Turkey and Dokuga's bodies start to form. Kai snaps another tube that cuts en in half. In the end, Kai's attacks are useless because En regenerates his body and forms more mushroom men from Ebisu's hands and the cut from Dokuga's face.

Characters Edit

Main Characters: Edit

  • Chidaruma
  • Asu
  • Shin
  • En
  • Haru

Minor Characters: Edit

Gallery Edit

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