Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Title "Fourteenth Curse: Kaiman in Magic Land
Chapter Information
Volume volume 3
Release Date July 29th 2008
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 13
Next Chapter Chapter 15

Chapter 14 of Dorohedoro is the 3rd chapter of Volume 3 titled, "Fourteenth Curse: Kaiman in Magic Land"

Summary Edit

The chapter begins with Kaiman and Nikaido getting ready to descend into the magic user world; Kaiman prepares by wearing all white with rabbit ears attached to his mask and Nikaido wears a biker mask with rabbit ears as well to fit in with the surrounding magic users.

As soon as they open the door, they are instantly taken into a magic users ruins of some sort. They soon are accompanied by a magic user who offers them a taxi carpet ride which they oblige to take.

In the meantime, Fujita stares auspiciously at a surgery flyer to enhance the production of smoke and considers it's price but walks away with Ebisu after finding out it's harsh expenses. They soon come across a pair of magic users that Fujita deems as friends who protest about his incompetence that lead to Matsumura's death and start to beat on Ebisu for fun.

They also start attacking Fujita as well for his pathetic use of magic, before one of the two could break his hand so he cant produce smoke anymore, Noi comes in and slices him in half with pure brute strength of her arm along with Shin who pulls out the other's heart and shoves his body in between the remains of his companion. They all leave the scene together and go out to eat some ice cream; impressed of shin and Noi's strength Fujita begs them to train him so he can avenge Matsumura but they both decline because they both simply don't want to.

The scene transitions back to Kaiman who discusses how he dosen't want to leave the magic user world until he get's his face back in which Nikaido points out the flaws about how they have no money to rest; which leads them to another question regarding how they're going to pay the taxi and nikaido suggests that they jump but Kaiman interjects with an 'easier' method in which he instantly bites on the driver's head and then murders him. His plan fails obviously, because they begin to fall in absence of the driver's presence. Luckily, none of them died and kaiman found the driver's money and keys.

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