Chapter 138
Chapter 138
Title Curse 138 - Crazy Dystopia
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 21
Pages 24
Release Date November 16th 2015
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 137
Next Chapter Chapter 139

Chapter 138 of Volume 21 of Dorohedoro is titled "Curse 138 - Crazy Dystopia"

Cover Page Edit

The cover appears to be Jonson drinking a various assortment of beverages that appears to be alcohol, juice and tea. He seems to be accompanied by multiple gyoza fairies.

Summary Edit

The plot transitions back to the magic user world where Kirion is walking through the rainy streets with various corpses surrounding the area. Because of Kirion's thick and big raincoat she is protected from the rain. She continues to stride into a nearby convenience store and grabs some food supplies, she soon heads back to Restaurant Tanba which has many holes seeping raindrops through the ceiling which is kept in multiple buckets throughout the restaurant.

Kirion removes her raincoat and prepares food with her recent salvage for Tanba, Fukuyama and Asuka. She notices how Asuka is absent from her bed and tears off the sheets from Tanba's bed to find her hugging him in her magic user power's form Angel then she attacks her with a rolled up magazine. The rest of them wake up and eat the food kirion made and ask Kirion how things were outside. Tanba comments on how the rain is from hole and adds how when he went to hole once when he was young to practice his magic.

Kirion reminisces about her early life as a child and how she was kept in slave trade and how she ran away sometime later then found herself trying to find a home in restaraunt tanba where tanba gladly kept her and raised her.

Fukuyama asks later how his training went in hole but Tanba admits how in the end he never practiced because he couldn't bring himself to use humans as magic practice. Fukuyama and Asuka also agree how they also don't want to attack humans. Kirion cries in awe of their admittance about that and stands up and speaks for the first time to say how she's going to find out whats wrong with the sky.

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