Chapter 137
Curse 137
Title Curse 137 - Labyrinth Trek
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 20
Pages 24
Release Date September 13th 2015
Chapter Guide
First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 136
Next Chapter Chapter 138

Chapter 137 of Volume 20 of Dorohedoro is titled "Curse 137 - Labyrinth Trek"

Cover Page Edit

The cover appears to be Risu in Curse's form accompanied with Aikawa whilst holding injured Kasukabe

Summary Edit

The chapter begins Aikawa and Risu walking for almost a kilometer through the central department store when they come across a tall staircase that leads to what appears to be Kasukabe's old clinic. After seeing it, Kasukabe eyes begin to strangely bleed.

They continue to journey within his clinic and the location transforms into an upside down world of hole. the street is very familar to kasukabe as they keep walking and Kasukabe get's more ill and some sort of spirit emerges from Aikawa's body. Kasukabe looks up onto the upside ceiling to find Ai's corpse, Risu notices the spirit that came out of aikawa appears to be Ai's spirit. His spirit greets Kasukabe pleasantly then claims how he will tell them what happened at the lake of refuse.

the scene reverts back to Noi who was resurrected but acts as if she just woke up, she pulls out Shin's mask from her jacket thinking about where he is when she hears a voice. She looks down to find Fujita who she strangely does not remember a little, he pleads for her to help him and the others. Noi also strangely dosen't remember them too much either, probably due to the side effects of her death. Before she could heal the others she turns around to find Kai floating behind her with Ebisu, Dokuga and Nikaido entangled with his tubes. Since Nikaido was naked, Ebisu notices her breasts and holds them wondering how she can make her breasts as big but then Nikaido's breasts flatten for some reason.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Minor Characters Edit

Non-Speaking Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The first 3 pages of this chapter are colored
  • Kasukabe's clinic was demolished ten years ago

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