Chapter 136
Curse 136
Title Curse 136 - Crazy Comeback
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 20
Pages 24
Release Date August 4th 2015
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First Chapter Chapter 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 135
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Chapter 136 of Volume 20 of Dorohedoro is titled "Curse 136 - Crazy Comeback"

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The cover appears to be Dokuga carrying Ebisu in his bag who is carrying Kikurage in her bag who is also carrying a bag.

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Ebisu and Dokuga finally gather all the mushrooms to bring back Shin and get En to turn him back. Before En started, he asks Ebisu to hold Kikurage and threatens her that he'll kill her if anything bad happens to Kikurage. Ebisu favoring her life, stores Kikurage in her backpack for safety.

In the process of dispelling the magic affecting Shin, Dokuga suddenly remembers his memories and attacks En. Dokuga kidnaps Ebisu since shes holding kikurage so he can revive his comrades. As En reluctantly shoots smoke at Dokuga, Shin comes back to life. En turned Ebisu's head into a mushroom that sprays out mushroom fumes that turns parts of Dokugas limbs into mushrooms.

En brutally injures Dokuga by making the spores in Dokuga's body explode rapidly, before En kill him one of the wires on the ceiling take him and Dokuga reluctantly grabs onto Ebisu and they're both taken up leaving En behind.

The Scene transitions back to Fujita pleading for everyone to keep living when Noi wakes up.

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