Chapter 135
Curse 135
Title Curse 135 - Devil's Gyoza Craving
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 20
Pages 24
Release Date July 4th 2015
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Previous Chapter Chapter 134
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Chapter 135 of Volume 20 of Dorohedoro is titled "Curse 135 - Devil's Gyoza Craving"

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The cover appears to be Kaiman with the Central Department Store wires stuck on his arms.

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The Chapter begins with Fujita inspecting the area and notices a big window with people behind it omnisciently. The figures behind the window appeared to be devils who were simply watching their despair.

The devils were having a party and Chidaruma was setting up food, but notices how they dont have gyoza. Apparently, Asu was the one who would always make gyoza for their parties. In the meantime, everyone except for Fujita has finally died.

The scene transitions again to Gura-Gura who volunteers to go get Asu who was coincidentally hanging outside near them. Asu, surprised of Gura-Gura struggles causing Gura-Gura to accidentally drop his beer on the top of Noi's head that then revives the devil tumor within her head.

The scene transitions back to Asu who's wounds and status defects are healed by Chidaruma and is put into a chef uniform so he can make Gyoza for their party. As Asu prepares Gyoza, Chidaruma demands the other devils to take out their pamphlets as he tells a story about himself.

Chidaruma tells a story of his interactions with humankind for the first time and how he was very infatuated with them, later on he grew tired of them so he left for a while and when he came back to visit again them they all were killed by Magic Users and put into a huge pile of bodies. Several Centuries later, the corpses were gone and all there was, was a a giant black void which was "Hole."

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