Chapter 1
First Curse- Kaiman
Title First Curse: Kaiman
Chapter Information
Volume Volume 1
Pages 24
Release Date July 17th 2008
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The First Chapter of Dorohedoro is named "First Curse: Kaiman" and starts of the First Volume of Dorohedoro.

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The first cover appears to be a picture of Kaiman with omniscient lizard heads sprouting from the left of Kaiman's shoulder.

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The story begins with Kaiman biting Fujita's Partner Matsumura's head to check if he is the one who turned Kaiman's head into a lizard, and asking him what the "strange man" inside his mouth said to him after he lets go.

After finding out Matsumura is not the one, Kaiman kills him, and Fujita manages to escape through a magic door. After that, Kaiman and Nikaido go back to The Hungry Bug so they can have gyoza. As they walk, they come across a passage that Kaiman seems to remember somewhat from the time before he lost his memory. Kaiman claims to have had seen a man at the end of the corner of the passage, but does not remember who it was at all.

The scene transitions back to Fujita, who just attended a funeral for Matsumura and then goes to talk to En about what happened earlier. The chapter ends with Kaiman eating his gyoza and Nikaido promising that they'll go find Fujita the next day and kill him.

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